World’s first nationwide, networked, sober clock-in system for train drivers

Sweden’s leading train operator, SJ, is installing a nationwide, sober clock-in system for all their train drivers and track safety staff. With just 33 unmanned units covering the entire country, all SJ’s train drivers confirm they are sober every time they come to work.

Daily automated alcohol screening for all aircrew and safety-sensitive ground crew?

The rate of alcohol testing in the aviation industry varies greatly boppy nursing pillow babies r us. Random testing is federally mandated in the US, at a rate of 10% of safety-sensitive workers annually (including all aircrew, air traffic controllers and maintenance workers). Each year this amounts to 10,000 pilots having a random test. The rate of failed tests is low (0.1%) but still amounts to a steady rate of around one pilot per month detected at work over the prescribed limit. Outside the US some airlines are discussing introducing daily 100% testing while others are still carrying out zero random testing.

There are high quality rehabilitation programs available for pilots (e.g. the HIMS program in the US) but high profile reporting of individual cases in the media is a regular reminder that this is not a full-proof system. 100% daily testing is feasible and could completely remove the threat of passengers flying on a plane with a pilot under the influence of alcohol.

Construction site “alcogates”

The high throughput (up to 360 employees / hr / unit) allows Sesame Connect to handle the very high volume screening that is required to make daily alcohol screening feasible at the entrance to large construction sites.

Construction sites can be high risk workplaces and construction workers have a high prevalence of problem drinking so daily alcohol screening has the potential to significantly improve onsite safety.

Alcohol-related issues effect productivity

There are many high risk workplaces in the heavy industry and mining / energy sectors. Safety is again a major concern but more minor alcohol related incidents can also have a major detrimental effect on productivity.

One example comes from a BMW factory in Munich. In March 2017 the production line was halted for about 40 minutes due to an alcohol-related incident. The productivity loss from halting the line was unspecified but substantial. In a separate incident in the US, Chrysler employees were filmed drinking beer on their lunch break.

Safety is again a major concern

Sesame Connect can be used when staff clock-in and clock-out but it can also be used when staff access vehicle keys or every time staff enter a control room or other particularly safety-sensitive area.